Tart Words Podcast

I started a new venture: the Tart Words Podcast.

It’s for writers, readers, and bakers. Those three groups might not seem like a natural fit, but plenty of writers cook or bake as a creative outlet or for their books. Lots of readers enjoy a treat while they’re reading. And bakers write their recipes down for friends for family, or to keep a record of what they made so they can make it again.

Food can also be used as a weapon or to kill – have you read cozy mysteries? Hot sugar can injure, cast iron pans can be used as a defensive or offensive weapon, and a peanut can kill.

I started creating recipes for my cozy mystery series, and have created more recipes than I can include in the books.

I started a mailing list for readers of the series so I can send them recipes every month. These aren’t just sweet or savory treats; sometimes they’re for a main or side dish.

With the podcast, I’m creating episodes every week to share recipes. I plan to focus on treats – sweet or savory – and the recipes are included in the show notes. To make it easy for listeners who sign up for my mailing list, I’ll send the recipes each week with a link to that episode.

Learning new skills is a challenge. I sometimes feel like an old dog that doesn’t want to learn a new trick, but I keep going. The digital age, and this past pandemic year in particular, has improved my digital skills. Launching the podcast has given me physical skills: Recording; Editing; Posting episodes. Sitting while I do all that is still physical more than mental.

The podcast has given me a break from writing, although I write the show notes and lightly edit the transcripts. I’m ready to get back into writing new stories in the Beach Tea Shop cozy mystery series. I have ideas for other stories, too, related to the Beach Tea Shop and set in that fictional world.

I’ll keep you posted.




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