Tart Bites: PB & OMG!

Tart Words Podcast: Episode 109 – PB & OMG!

During the summer between my senior year in high school and heading off to college, my sister and I were hired by our next-door neighbor to “babysit” her two sons. They were old enough to stay home by themselves, but she wanted us to make sure they didn’t kill each other – brothers, right? Best friends some days, enemies other days.

My sister discovered this gem, or at least she was the one who told me about it. Inspired by the popular Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, she spread peanut butter on an OREO. It tasted like a crunchy peanut butter cup.

Could anything be better with a glass of cold milk on a hot summer day?


3 OREO cookies, or however many you’d like; I use the OREO Thins, but you do you

Peanut butter, to taste

Spread peanut butter on an OREO. If you’re making this for many people, make as many as you think will keep the crowd in check.

Eat and enjoy!




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