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I had been thinking about doing a podcast since 2019, and the pandemic year seemed like the time.

Melissa Guller has several podcasting courses for people who want to learn how to create, edit, and launch a podcast, and I purchased several of them. All were helpful to me in my podcasting journey, from idea to launch. She also has a supportive community of podcasters who provided essential feedback.

NOTE: I’m an affiliate for Melissa and may earn a commission if you purchase any courses through these links. I found her courses easy to access via the Teachable online platform, and I found her courses followed a logical progression that took me from start to finish.

Podcast Kickstart Program – I used this as my introduction to podcasting.

Booked Out Podcast – Contains information about booking guests for your new podcast.

Stress-Free Podcast Production – Producing your own podcast? This helped me with producing Tart Words Podcast.

Podcast Launch Accelerator – This is a course I haven’t taken, but recommend based on the courses I have taken.

Buzzsprout – This is the podcast hosting platform I use to upload my episodes to the major streaming platforms. They are easy to use and their stats are amazing. Without knowing who my listeners are, I know where they are (country, city); what device they used; and how many downloads in each location. Note: I am an affiliate for Buzzsprout and if you buy something, we’ll both get a $20 Amazon gift card. Win-Win!

Podpage – This hosts my platform with my TartWords.com domain. Why do I use two websites? TartWords.com is mine; I own the domain, and this is where I direct listeners. Podpage integrates with Buzzsprout and automatically updates my website with new episodes, which saves me a step. I can collect email addresses through Podpage; I opted to use my own signup forms through ConvertKit, so anyone signing up is automatically added to my email list for their preferred episodes and get a Welcome email from me. Note: The links for Podpage and ConvertKit are referral links, and I may get a commission (Podpage) or free subscribers (ConvertKit) if you buy through these links.




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