Brie with Fruit Spreads

Our annual Sausage Party is an excuse for me to try new recipes and add to the food-a-palooza that is the buffet. I make Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cream Cheese and Olives, and always something new.

I had over half of a Brie cheese leftover after making Brie & Chutney Bites, and thought about what I could do with it. Brie is a soft cheese with a mild flavor which lends itself to topping with sweet or savory flavors.

I had strawberry preserves leftover from making Mini Victoria Sponges, chutney leftover from the Brie & Chutney Bites, and fig jam in my refrigerator. A variety of flavors and colors, and presto! A new platter for the Sausage Party.

Brie with Fruit Spreads

1 round Brie, rind on

Three jams/chutneys/spreads of your choice


I used three small parfait glasses with their small spoons to serve the fruit spreads, one each of fig jam, strawberry preserves, and Major Grey’s Chutney.

Triscuits are my cracker of choice for Cream Cheese and Olives, and they worked well with the Brie and fruit spreads too!

Fast, easy, and adjustable to the flavors you and your family prefer.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!