Writing Fiction: Creating Characters

Writing can be a delight. I enjoy creating a plot, and casting the characters to make the story flow. 

You look around, taking traits from people you know. You see an actor or actress you like, and base a character on them or the character they’re portraying. That only takes you so far, and then what?

Writing is work. Once you exhaust the pool of people, actors, characters you know, you need to make them up.

I read a variety of writing books and posts on Pinterest. Something I read in a book by John Sandford, The Fool’s Run (Henry Holt, copyright 1989), talked about the character Kidd who uses the Tarot to open up possibilities and alternatives. It’s a way to think sideways.

While shopping for some items in a New Age store, I saw a Tarot deck and bought it. At this point, I wasn’t sure how to use the Tarot cards to create characters.

I came across a post on Pinterest about using the Tarot to create characters (The Character Insight Spread). I used the seven card spread, and was pleased and surprised with the results. 

The result is a new tool in my writing arsenal.