Bouchercon 2018 – A Treat, a Read, and a Cup of Tea

I’m so excited to be attending my first Bouchercon! This year it’s at the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida. Marchand’s Bar is a popular gathering place for writers, readers, reviewers, and booksellers – meet and mingle with your faves.

If you’re attending, you can see me at the Cooking Up Cozies-Writing Culinary Cozies panel in Royal 3AB, at 12:00 on Friday (9/7). Please say Hi if you come – I’d love to see you. I’ll have a treat, a read, and a cup of tea for everyone who comes to the panel.

Can’t make it? I can’t give you a virtual treat or cup of tea, but I can give you a read: go to and you can get a free book! To introduce you to my Beach Tea Shop Mysteries, I’m giving away Dying for a Cuppa: Collected Cozy Mysteries, Volume 1.

Safe travels to all who are going to Bouchercon, and I hope to see you there.




Hot Scotch Toddy

Flu and strep throat have been making an appearance in my office. I’m lucky in that I have a door I can close to help keep germs at bay. I also use disinfecting wipes, wash my hands often, and take an essential oil combo that has (knock wood, fingers crossed, throwing salt over my left shoulder) kept me in relative good health since October 2016.

That being said, I found myself in need of remedial efforts when I was feeling punky. Hot Toddy to the rescue, with his friend Laphroaig single malt whisky. Laphroaig isn’t for everyone: very smoky, briny, one of the Islay malt whiskies.

I’m sure some would shudder at this recipe, but it worked for me and that’s really what counts.

Hot Scotch Toddy

Earl Grey tea

Scotch whisky

6 whole cloves

1 T honey

1 large piece of lemon rind, white pith removed as much as possible

I cut small slits in the lemon rind with the tip of a paring knife, to make inserting the cloves easy on my fingers. I let the clove-studded lemon rind steep in the tea for a few minutes, removed it, added the honey and the Laphroaig, and drank.

I felt so good, I thought another Hot Toddy was in order. Done and done. I think the combination of two Hot Toddies and an early night in bed for a good night’s sleep was the one-two punch for whatever punk I was feeling.

What’s your go-to when you feel like you’re coming down with something?


I’m a writer and occasional blogger. I write a cozy mystery series set in the Beach Tea Shop, run by three sisters: Danielle, Chelsea, and Alexandra Powell. It’s set on Florida’s Treasure Coast, where I live, and where inspiration washes up with the tide daily.

Crime and passion aren’t found only in big cities. The confines of small towns work on the residents. When everyone knows everyone, how can you keep a secret?

I like to write about the interactions of sisters. Not surprisingly, I’m the oldest of three sisters – a true case of art imitating life!

Happy Homicides: Thirteen Cozy Holiday Mysteries is available now and Happy Homicides 2: Thirteen Cozy Mysteries / Crimes of the Heart went on sale February 14. Dying for Holiday Tea: A Beach Tea Shop Novella is in the first one, and Dying for Valentine’s Tea: A Beach Tea Shop Novella is in the second one. I hope you’ll read both, and discover new (or at least new to you) authors. Both e-books include a link for readers to receive a Bonus pdf with recipes and crafts from stories in each anthology.

Settle in with a cup of tea and a sweet or savory treat, and meet the Powell sisters.

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