Writing Fiction: Voice

Voice. Not to be confused with Dialogue.

Voice is the way writers put words together that makes them unique. You can tell Ernest Hemingway and Dan Brown apart by their voice (among other things). 

Every writer has a style of writing that separates them from other writers. Word choice, and the way they structure sentences. The genre they write in. Voice isn’t one element, it’s all of the varied choices a writer makes every time they touch a keyboard that adds up to their voice.

Two of my favorite mystery authors are J.D. Robb (police procedural) and Dick Francis (suspense). They write in different genres, but their writing styles, their writing voices, are also different. 

Dick Francis was a newspaper journalist after his days as a champion jockey were over. His style is not the same as J.D. Robb’s, whose writing background is in the romance genre.  

Voice is the sum total of a writer’s life experience, how they view the world, their perspective. 

Who are your favorite authors? What type of voice do you like best, or do you like different styles?

I’d love to hear from you!