Skyline Chili

Years ago, when I worked for AT&T Communications, I spent several weeks in Cincinnati, Ohio. Skyline Chili was a revelation: spicy (there’s cinnamon in it), served over spaghetti, with different ways to garnish it.

The smell is distinctive. I had reheated leftovers at work and a co-worker came in and said, “Skyline Chili?”
I was thrilled to find it in the frozen food section in Publix (my local grocery store), and I’ve introduced my husband to it. It’s one of the fastest meals to prepare when I serve it over angel hair pasta, which takes four minutes to boil.
On this particular evening, I was in charge of dinner. Skyline Chili was suggested and accepted, so off to Publix after work. I thought frozen drinks would go well at the end of the week, so purchased accordingly.
Home and prepping dinner, I realized I had no cheese (for three-way) or onion (for four-way) to top the angel hair and chili. In Cincinnati, you’ll get this with spaghetti, but I like the finer angel hair.
Husband said I made the right call getting the frozen drinks, even though I forgot the cheese. It was one of those weeks for both of us.
Skyline Chili
1 package of Skyline Chili (check the frozen food section near the entrees)
1 package of angel hair pasta
Optional: shredded cheese; diced onion
Prepare the angel hair pasta according to package directions; drain, and toss with butter, salt, and pepper. Set aside.
While the water boils and the pasta cooks, heat the chili. In my microwave, it takes six minutes in a covered glass dish on a rotating plate.
To serve: Plate the pasta and top with chili. For three-way chili, top chili with shredded cheese. For four-way chili, top shredded cheese with diced onion.
Delicious any way you serve it.

What’s your easy go-to dinner?