Goat Cheese with Raspberries

Sometimes I like to spend a few hours in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal that will be eaten in minutes, and then spend hours in the kitchen cleaning up. Mostly not, though.

I usually don’t have that kind of time. Between work, family, writing, and life in general, what I love most are a few simple ingredients with big flavor that are easy to prepare and beyond tasty.

We went to Jacksonville, FL, to see family at Christmas. My niece Nicole made this delightful appetizer that has four ingredients and amazing flavor.

Tangy, sweet, crunchy, creamy – the perfect mix of taste and texture.┬áThis is my New Year’s gift to you!

Goat Cheese with Raspberries

1 log goat cheese

1 pint raspberries



Place the log of goat cheese in the center of a serving dish. Surround the goat cheese with raspberries, sprinkle pepitas over the top of the goat cheese, and drizzle honey over everything.

Serve with crackers or crisp bread.