Brie & Chutney Bites

Our annual Sausage Party was held December 16th. This year friends and family made 180 pounds of Italian pork sausage, and there was a feast of food and drink for everyone to enjoy.

My husband’s family started this tradition. A friend of the family was Italian, and Husband’s parents and grandfather would make a few pounds of sausage. As the younger generation took over and invited friends, we’ve morphed into an annual tradition of our own.

People make their specialties for a snacking potluck; food and drinks are available all day long, and it’s a day for grazing. The only formal meal is dinner: We grill 5 pounds of sausage served in toasted hoagie rolls and topped with onions and peppers. A spicy or horseradish mustard is a tasty addition, too. Husband makes his German Potato Salad, and it’s a fine ending to a fun day.

I always make desserts and take some appetizers. My go-to recipes are Chocolate Chip Cookes and Cream Cheese and Olives. I also made Mini Victoria Sponges. I made spritz cookies for the first time, which turned out well. I also made Brie & Chutney Bites. If you need a fast, three-ingredient recipe, these are delicious.

Brie & Chutney Bites

2 packages filo shells from the freezer case

1 round of Brie, rind on, cut into chunks

1 jar of Chutney, any flavor (I used Major Grey’s Chutney)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Place the filo shells in mini-muffin tins. Into each shell, put one chunk of Brie and a scant teaspoon of chutney.

Bake for 10 minutes; remove from oven. I transported these in the muffin tins and plated them at the host’s home.

Any flavor jam or chutney can be used.

Happy Holidays to all!