Eggs Benedict on Rusk

Ooh, what’s rusk? You may have seen it in the grocery store, or used it for a teething baby. It’s a dry, twice-baked bread or biscuit. I’d read about it in books that featured sailors eating it; since it is dry, it travels well and doesn’t spoil the way a loaf of bread might.

Before our bucket list cruise to Alaska we traveled to Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, before the start of the cruise. We had a delicious breakfast in Vancouver at De Dutch Pannekoek House. It was serendipity that this delightful restaurant was next to our hotel.

My husband ordered the Eggs Benedict, which used rusk as the base instead of English Muffins. The rusk held up to the heat and sauce, never losing its integrity as an ingredient. I bought a package from the restaurant, and carried it successfully home 10 days later with all rusks intact.

Sunday morning I made Eggs Benedict on Rusk. This was my first foray into making it myself; it is usually something I order out. It was easier than I expected because I bought a packaged Hollandaise sauce mix (gasp!). Just add water; that’s the ticket 🙂

I also have an egg poacher, a pan with an insert holding six cups above the simmering water. If you don’t have such a pan, in gently simmering water use a spoon to swirl the water before dropping the egg in. This should help keep the white close to the yolk.

Eggs Benedict on Rusk

4 eggs, poached

4 pieces of rusk

6 pieces of Canadian bacon (the package I had said 3 per serving)

Hollandaise sauce

Place two rusks on each plate. Top with Canadian bacon, poached egg, and nap the Hollandaise sauce over the top. I sprinkled some pink Himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper over the Hollandaise sauce. The rusk was light and crispy to the end. Now that I know how easy it can be, I’ll make this again.

Happy Homicides 6: Cookin’ Up Crime will be released on Friday, October 20. I’ll tell you more about my story and the recipe for it soon.