Trick or Treat – Halloween Spider!

Today is Halloween, and this cute idea is perfect for a party or just to serve your own boos and ghouls.

I saw a similar spider on Pinterest, and adapted it to what I had. Isn’t that part of the fun of creating, taking something you’ve seen and making it your own?

Halloween Spider

For each one, you’ll need:

1 Mini doughnut
8 Pretzel pieces for legs (4 legs are shown in the picture – use more or less as you like)
2 Mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
Green icing
White icing

Use the green icing to draw a spiral on a plate. To make the spider’s web, use the fat end of a toothpick to draw lines from the center of the spiral out to the edge of the plate.

Place the doughnut on the web. Push the pretzel pieces into the doughnut to make legs. Using the green icing as glue, put a dab on the flat end of the chocolate chips and place them on the doughnut to make eyes. Let the icing set, and then put a dot of white icing on the tip of the chocolate chip to complete the eyes.

Voila! A Halloween spider you won’t mind seeing.


What are your favorite Halloween treats?