Vanilla Sugar

Am I the only one who loves the smell of vanilla? I don’t even measure it when I bake – I just pout it in, eyeballing the amount required. If a little extra gets in, that’s fine by me.

I recently used vanilla beans to make pastry cream. I split the bean lengthwise, and used the back of my knife to spread out the cut halves and scrape the beans from the pod.

I didn’t want to waste any of the vanilla goodness, and decided to make Vanilla Sugar.

Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla bean pod(s), insides scraped out
Container of sugar

Put the vanilla bean pods into the sugar. Spoon sugar over the pods until they are completely covered. Leave overnight, or as long as you like. The sugar will have brown flecks of vanilla in it.

It smells heavenly! I used vanilla sugar when I was making pastry cream and hadn’t realized I’d run out of vanilla – the infused sugar came to my rescue.