Writing Fiction: Social Issues

Writing mystery fiction is an opportunity to explore a world in which justice prevails. It can be topical, and it can address areas of social justice. 

Some readers like stories which have elements about pressing social issues. A story can be both entertaining and informative, and I like to write stories that include both.

I’ve been a member of NOW (National Organization for Women) for many years. As a feminist, I believe in equality for women and men.

I’ve been interested in the inequity of domestic violence since I first had a employee who’d been hit by her husband, and heard about Charlotte Fedders. In 1987, a book was published called Shattered Dreams that she wrote describing the abuse she and her children suffered at the hands of her husband/their father. What struck me most at the time were the men discussing it, whose primary feeling seemed to be that it couldn’t have been that bad if she stayed for so long. They were clearly clueless about domestic violence and why women stay. I didn’t know much about it then, but I knew enough to know that they were ignorant about the situation. 

As years passed, I became educated about domestic violence as I met more women who had experienced it. For the past few years, I’ve been involved with SafeSpace, the domestic violence organization on the Treasure Coast of Florida. 

At its core, domestic violence is about one intimate partner exerting power and control over the other partner in their relationship. It occurs in all economic levels, every political belief, every religion, both genders, every race, and any age. 

I like writing stories with the bad guys being recognized, even if they’re not brought to justice. 

What is your reading preference? I’d love to hear from you.